Naija No Dey Carry Last: Nigeria Man Escaped From Pris0n In India During Drüg Raid

In a dramatic turn of events during a recent drug raid in Navi Mumbai, India, a video has emerged that showcases the daring escape of a Nigerian national from police custody. This incident unfolded as part of a significant crackdown against drug-related activities in the region. On October 6, 2023, the Navi Mumbai police apprehended a 44-year-old Nigerian man named Julius O Anthony Onyekachukwu from the Sector 24 area of Ulwe, and their operation resulted in the seizure of narcotics valued at ₹84.8 lakh.

The police operation not only led to the capture of the Nigerian suspect but also involved the confiscation of mobile phones, digital weighing instruments, and various materials typically associated with the illegal drug trade. This marks the second substantial crackdown by Navi Mumbai police against drug trafficking within a span of just six weeks.

The authorities were prompted to take action following intelligence about drug sales in the Ulwe node. The NRI police conducted raids at 12 different locations, spanning sectors 3, 5, 18, 24, and 25 in Ulwe, ultimately apprehending the accused Nigerian, Onyekachukwu. The search yielded the seizure of 706 grams of mephedrone drugs valued at ₹70.6 lakhs and 95 grams of Cocaine worth ₹14.25 lakhs from the suspect.

During these operations, the police made another noteworthy discovery. It was found that a total of 14 foreign nationals were residing in the country without proper documentation, constituting a violation of Indian immigration laws. All 14 individuals, comprising 7 females and 7 males from Nigeria and Uganda, were issued notices to leave India under the Passport Act.

In a tense moment captured on video and subsequently shared on social media, one of the accused individuals attempted to escape from police custody while being transported in a police van within sector 24 in Ulwe node. The daring escape bid was marked by a sudden release from the grip of a policeman, followed by a sprint away from the police.

The police on duty reacted swiftly, initiating a pursuit of the fleeing suspect. However, during their attempt to apprehend the escapee, one officer fell to the ground. In the video footage, observers can witness a flurry of activity as law enforcement personnel mobilized in various directions in their endeavor to capture the elusive individual. As of now, there have been no reports confirming whether the police ultimately succeeded in capturing the escapee.

The scale of this operation was substantial, involving a total of 350 police personnel, officials from NRI, the Anti-Narcotic Cell, and officers from the Foreign Citizens Registration Department of NRI Police Station, among other senior officers. The coordinated efforts of these law enforcement agencies were conducted under the guidance of the Deputy Commissioners of Police (DCPs) from both zones one and two, including the DCP (crime).

In response to these developments, a case has been registered against all the arrested accused under sections 8C, 21B, and 22C of the NDPS Act 1985 at the NRI police station. This incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to combat drug-related activities and immigration violations, highlighting the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in maintaining order and security within their jurisdictions.

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