Journalist Explained How M0hbad DI€Đ: Causes Mixed Reactions Online

Esteemed Nigerian journalist Joey Akan has publicly lent his support to the police report regarding the untimely demise of the talented singer Mohbad. In a tweet, Joey Akan conveyed his affirmation of the police's findings, asserting that the report aligns with the information he possesses regarding the circumstances surrounding Mohbad's tragic passing. Furthermore, he proceeded to provide a detailed account of the events leading to the singer's death.

According to the journalist, the police report unfolds a narrative that sheds light on the sequence of events that transpired before Mohbad's demise. It is revealed that the singer had sustained an injury during a physical altercation with his childhood friend at a branded experiential marketing event in Ikorodu, where the primary objective was to promote a product. This initial revelation underscores the unfortunate circumstances that led to the unfolding tragedy.

In a perplexing turn of events, instead of seeking immediate medical attention at a hospital, Mohbad's friends and handlers opted for a questionable alternative. They summoned a quack nurse to attend to the injury, presumably to "disinfect" the wound. This choice, as outlined by Joey Akan, would prove to have dire consequences.

The nurse administered a cocktail of intravenous injections to Mohbad, who subsequently experienced a severe medical emergency. The singer collapsed, plunging those present into a state of panic as they grappled with the dire situation at hand. It is at this juncture that the gravity of the decision to engage the quack nurse becomes starkly apparent.

In a desperate attempt to salvage the situation, Mohbad's associates rushed him to the hospital, a course of action that should have been taken initially. Tragically, the hospital refused to admit him, as he had already succumbed to his injuries. The culmination of these unfortunate events paints a stark picture of the circumstances leading to Mohbad's untimely demise.

Perhaps one of the most distressing details shared by Joey Akan is the manner in which the news of Mohbad's death was disseminated. He highlights that before even notifying the singer's family, Mohbad's friends chose to create a video showcasing his lifeless body, crudely announcing his passing. This poignant revelation underscores the profound tragedy of the situation, as it reveals the lack of sensitivity and empathy during a time of profound grief.

In conclusion, Joey Akan's alignment with the police report underscores the importance of accurate and transparent reporting in the realm of entertainment news. The sequence of events leading to Mohbad's death serves as a sobering reminder of the consequences that can arise when sound judgment and proper medical care are not prioritized in moments of crisis. It is a solemn reflection on the fragility of life, especially for individuals who possess the resources to access the best possible care, yet find themselves in circumstances that lead to an untimely and tragic end.

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