Davido Just Dey Give Girls BëIIe anyhow - AY Makun M0cks D@vido

At the recent installment of the uproarious 'Warri Again Show,' the renowned stand-up comedian AY Makun delivered a rib-tickling performance that not only left the audience in splits but also sparked some amusing banter. In a playful jest aimed at Afrobeat sensation Davido, AY Makun humorously quipped about the singer's prowess in fathering children with his "small 'thing'."

During his comedic routine, AY Makun couldn't resist poking fun at Davido's reputed virility, suggesting that despite Davido's allegedly modest endowment in the manhood department, he manages to impregnate women with ease. In contrast, AY Makun, known for his, as he put it, "big Warri preek," humorously lamented that it took him a whopping 13 years to accomplish a similar feat.

This jest about Davido's romantic escapades and the contrasting experiences of the two celebrities immediately caught the audience's attention, as laughter and applause filled the venue. AY Makun's wit was on full display as he skillfully blended humor with an element of playful mockery, keeping the crowd thoroughly entertained.

It's worth noting that AY Makun is himself a father of two daughters. After welcoming his first child, Michelle Makun, he faced a prolonged wait of 13 years before celebrating the arrival of his second child, Ayomide, with his wife. The irony of his jest is not lost on those who are aware of his personal journey in parenthood.

As is often the case with humorous remarks about public figures, AY's playful banter about Davido generated a diverse array of reactions on social media. Concerned Nigerians took to various platforms to express their thoughts and opinions regarding the jest. Some found it hilarious and commended AY's comedic skills, while others offered more critical views, questioning the nature of comedy in Nigeria and the appeal of such humor.

For instance, one social media user, @mainlandfinest, playfully called AY a "big fool" and commented on his comedic style. Meanwhile, @e_sorbam1 amusingly referenced another popular Nigerian artist, Burna Boy, and the notion of "preeq falling like London Bridge." On a more critical note, @deolu007 pondered the state of Nigerian comedy and its apparent stagnation over the years. And @TheDoublestar_ expressed a personal perspective on AY's comedy style.

This lighthearted exchange of humor and opinions serves as a testament to the dynamic and often divisive nature of comedy, especially when it pertains to well-known personalities. AY Makun's jest about Davido will likely continue to fuel discussions and debates among fans and critics alike, underscoring the enduring power of humor to elicit a wide range of reactions from the audience.

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