Shocking moment Kizz Daniel’s bouncer throws fan off stage (Video)

During a recent concert performance by the renowned Afrobeat singer, Kizz Daniel, his bouncer was captured in a video forcefully removing a fan from the stage. The video of this incident has attracted considerable attention online, highlighting the bouncer's unwavering commitment to his role.

In the video, Kizz Daniel was performing his popular track 'Cough (Odo)' when an enthusiastic fan managed to make their way onto the stage. Initially, the bouncer attempted to guide the fan away by gently pulling them off the stage. However, the fan resisted, leaving the security personnel with no option but to use more forceful measures.

With determination, Kizz Daniel's bouncer decided to take matters into his own hands and forcefully threw the fan across the crowd, resulting in a highly dramatic moment.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of security measures at live events to ensure the safety of both artists and fans.

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