“My son is Inn0cent In M0hbad's Casë” – Prime Boy’s mother pleads with Nigerians

In the ongoing Mohbad case, the mother of Prime Boy, one of the key figures, has issued an emotional plea to Nigerians, vehemently asserting her son's innocence in the tragic events surrounding Mohbad's death. The unfolding narrative is fraught with intrigue, distrust, and unresolved questions.

Prime Boy and Mohbad shared a deep friendship that extended beyond mere companionship; they were like family. Throughout Mohbad's life, Prime Boy's mother treated both young men as her own sons, underscoring the strength of their bond. She fervently believed that her son, Prime Boy, would never harm Mohbad because of their close relationship.

Recall that just a few days ago, the Lagos State Nigerian Police Force declared Prime Boy wanted, and the situation took a dark turn. Prime Boy was allegedly one of the last individuals seen with Mohbad before his tragic demise. He even shared a chilling video of himself in a car with Mohbad's lifeless body beside him. Following the release of this video, Prime Boy went missing, leaving the public in the dark about his whereabouts.

Repeated requests were made for Prime Boy to appear at the police station to assist in their investigation, but he remained elusive, prompting the police to issue a wanted notice. However, Prime Boy voluntarily surrendered to authorities for questioning one day after being declared wanted.

Prime Boy's interrogation injected a fresh layer of complexity into the case. He asserted that Mohbad and his wife had a troubled relationship and that Mohbad had assaulted him before his death, allegedly for intervening in conflicts between him and his wife. Despite these claims, Prime Boy maintained his innocence and denied any involvement in Mohbad's demise.

It's worth noting that the authorities had previously identified a major suspect in Mohbad's death, an alleged auxiliary nurse accused of injecting him and causing his premature death. However, the identity of this auxiliary nurse remains unknown.

In her emotional plea, Prime Boy's mother implored Nigerians to exercise caution and refrain from prematurely passing judgment on her son. The investigation into Mohbad's death is entangled in complexity, and it is crucial that the inquiry be allowed to proceed diligently and without prejudice.

As the case unfolds, more details may emerge, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding Mohbad's untimely demise. It is essential to approach this matter with patience and respect for the investigative process, ensuring that justice is served appropriately.

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