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VM ALBUM REVIEW!! Tiwa Savage’s New Album, “Celia” Has Laziness Written All Over It – DO YOU AGREE?

Published by on September 1st, 2020.


After all the sexy photoshoots, you would think Tiwa Savage’s “Celia” album will come out hot and interesting but the reverse is the case.

If Tiwa Savage’s many provocative photoshoots/performances somehow failed to let you in on the direction she’d be headed with this new album, then welcome aboard the train of ”Celia” a project meant to be seen and felt as aspiration eroticism instead did a great job highlighting how bad heterosexual sex is; resoundingly botched and unwieldy.

Nearly all 13 songs on “Celia” centered exclusively on the singer’s impassioned sexual needs, with love and her innate avarice wimpishly rearing its head toward the end of the album on the songs, “Dangerous Love and Temptation” as well as ”Ole” and “Koroba.”

In all honesty, with the releases of 4 songs off of the album before the actual album release, there is undoubtedly nothing really to glean here in singles or otherwise as everything is obfuscated but as an album, it at least merited some semblance of observation.

Listening to the album brought to fore how laziness is the order of the day amongst top acts these days.

They not only make it a thing to sound similar or even exactly the same as other acts in the same genre but also originality and effort, has been flung out the window.

It is safe for one or two tracks which basically had nothing to do with the tiresome, over flogged sex theme of the album, nonchalance oozed all through.

As there is barely any vocabulary to build a proper ‘Jam-like ‘Nigerianized’ love tune, giving the fact that there are not so many ways to say “I wanna have sex with you, I can buy you with my money” or “I’m better than you, treat me like the exact way I want to be, I’m a bad bitch,’ I must say Tiwa Savage did a great job outdoing Wizkid with the ‘baby’ tag, amongst other overused words and phrases to bulk up lyrics.

If the songs ‘Park Well”, featuring Davido, FWMM”, and the more serious-minded “Glory” or “Celia”, are isolated from the album, all songs have the essentials of both a party record and one of introspection, a rare feat in many Nigerian songs in terms of believability, ”Celia” is nothing to write home about.

Save My Life” sees her sounding more like a bad mash-up of 2015 Seyi Shay and Niniola. Seeing as it is a sexy song, a slower tempo and more thought to the lyrics would have maybe made the track a bearable one.

Ole” ft Naira Marley, brought to fore the need for artistes to sample old-school sounds, a thing which not only makes them lazy but in fact may be taking them several steps back. We are in 2020, how about taking a step into the future or even the present than looking back.

If she did care about her stance and image as an act that has been in the industry for a while, she should be yearning to have songs that will be source material and not be the one making old materials seem better than the present ones.

From sampling Rihanna’s ”Bitch Better Have My Money’ to Sound Sultan’s ‘‘Ole (Bushmeat)”, alongside lyrics such as ”Gimme my money, wetin you owe me….oga share the money…” brought some sort of confusion as to whether she is demanding the money owed her or asking for a share of stolen loot.

But then again, considering Naira Marley’s appearance on the song, (arrested for internet fraud) who himself goes on to state that everyone is a thief I guess we already know what was meant.

Bombay“, Pakalamsi“,Koroba“, US”, all have the attributes of unfinished penmanship, mediocre, and conflicting feeling.

Temptation” ft Sam Smith can best be described as an ”Okay” song. A catchy hook, but as always, she rushed into the second verse as she is known to do for most of her songs with great hooks. ”I really need to get to the hook, it’s catchy, let’s rush through to the verses quicker.”

Celia” is an album that makes it easy for listeners to truly sense just how little effort was packed into it and just how lazy Tiwa Savage has gotten over the years.

Click Here To Listen To The Full Album

In a bid to try and please everyone, it became glaring just how bland and boring the project is. From an artist who strives to be perceived as young and experienced, ”Celia” granted listeners permission to get lost in the sprawlingly unwielded tactlessness employed on it.

I mean come on, cooing ”baby” in different variations can only appeal so much to a core fan before they skip to the next track.

Overall, we will rate the album 4/10

Guys, What Are Your Thoughts On Tiwa Savage’s “Celia” Album?

On The Scale Of 0 – 10, How Would You Rate The Album?

Drop your comments

Written By:- Tope Delano

Source:- Mhojohub


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