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PLEASE HELP! My Apartment Is Being Haunted By A Ghost

Published by on May 23rd, 2020.

It all started last week when a neighbor next to my apartment died without nobody noticing for 2days until she started smelling.

We didn’t actually suspect that it was from her room until someone came looking for her because she wasn’t answering her phone, which was still ringing inside and the door was locked from the inside that was how we knew she was dead, already swollen because the last time we saw was Sunday night, and we didn’t know until Tuesday that she was dead.

All this happened last week.

Later that Tuesday family and friends with police came to evacuate her corpse. No foul play or any struggle seems she died in her sleep.

She was young and a very playful lady and lively. She is 36 years old single mother and she lives

So the haunting started 2days later.

The first one happened around 2 am, my girlfriend said she saw someone looking like standing by the door outside just staring straight at her, there was no light and the window was open, so when she pointed torchlight she saw nothing but when she switches the torchlight, she saw the shadow of the same person. That really scared shit out of me because she later told me in the morning.

The second was last night. Someone was banging seriously on the toilet window because it’s an iron window.

The banging continues for almost 3hours. It was double banging as if someone was knocking hard.

I doubt it was someone when I try I check I couldn’t find anyone there, A few minutes later the banging continues till around 4.30 am when mosque call out for prayer.

… and I could hear some sounds like someone walking in the next room where she died, no one was home. Her sister refuse to sleep in the room so it was locked.

Please help, how can get rid of this unwanted disturbances. I don’t know what to do. This last night scare me to the bone. The funniest thing. No one heard this banging except me. The other neighbors have a different theory.

Has Anyone Experienced This Kind Of Thing Before? How Did You Handle It?


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