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Itunu Awe Date Revealed: Check it out  ⬇️

The PUNCH reports that Saudi Arabia, on Monday, said the crescent of Shawwal has not been sighted, indicating that the fasting will continue on Tuesday. It also added that the Eid-El-Fitr would be held on Wednesday, April 10 to mark the beginning of the new Islamic month.

"The crescent moon was not sighted in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, Eid Al Fitr will be celebrated on Wednesday, 10th April 2024. May Allāh allow us to utilise the remaining moments of this blessed month to engage in that which pleases Him, may He accept our siyām, qiyām & a’māl & may He allow us to witness many more Ramadāns in good health. Āmīn," it wrote. Animashaun Salman.

The celestial dance of the moon dictates the rhythm of Eid-Fitri this year! Amidst whispers of crescents and prayers for clarity, the Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar, emerges as the harbinger of celebration. With a flourish of wisdom, he decrees April 10 as the day of Eid-Fitri, guided by the mystique of moon sightings across Nigeria.

In a tale echoing from the minarets of Sokoto, a statement, penned by the esteemed Prof Sambo Junaidu, dances in the evening breeze, heralding the dawn of Shawwal 1445AH. As the ink dries, the Sultan extends his heartfelt felicitations to the Nigerian Muslim Ummah, invoking Allah's blessings and guidance upon them. In a symphony of unity, he beckons the faithful to continue their supplications for the nation's peace, progress, and prosperity, adorning their wishes with the colors of a joyous Eid-El-Fitri.

Meanwhile, across the sands of Saudi Arabia, whispers of the crescent's shy appearance linger. With bated breath, the faithful await the celestial sign, as the fasting continues into the night. In a revelation echoing from the Kingdom's heart, the crescent remains veiled, signaling the extension of the fast into Tuesday. Yet, amidst this celestial drama, a decree emerges, proclaiming April 10 as the day of Eid-El-Fitr, a beacon of hope amidst the lunar mystery.


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