Why People Stop Listening To Mohbad's Music After Leaving The Marlians Record - Ruger

Ruger recently addressed the controversies surrounding the untimely demise of Mohbad in a recent interview. Mohbad's passing raised numerous questions, particularly due to his tumultuous relationship with his former record label, Marlian Records, led by Naira Marley.

Prior to his tragic death, Mohbad had repeatedly accused Marlian Records of infringing on his music rights and failing to fulfill financial obligations, leading to a bitter and acrimonious dispute. In the interview, Ruger delved into the significance of fans in an artist's career, suggesting that they may have played a role in Mohbad's emotional well-being before his passing. He stressed that fans share some responsibility for an artist's mental health and overall welfare.

Ruger pointed out that a substantial portion of Mohbad's fan base appeared to withdraw support once he parted ways with Marlian Records. He argued that if fans continued to show their love and support for artists even after they left their record labels, it could prevent them from experiencing depression and inspire them to continue creating music.

Additionally, Ruger highlighted a concerning trend where certain fans engage in confrontations with an artist's family and close friends during disputes. He emphasized that such behavior can worsen an artist's mental and emotional state.

The Nigerian public has reacted to Ruger's remarks in diverse ways. Some individuals empathize with his perspective, recognizing the pivotal role of fan support in an artist's career, while others have criticized him, suggesting that he should refrain from commenting on the issue if he cannot contribute positively.

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