Peruzzi Takes a Swipe at Dammy Krane for Diss Track Targeting Davido

Popular Nigerian singer, Peruzzi, has expressed his disapproval of Dammy Krane's decision to release a diss track aimed at Davido, where he accuses the latter of being a serial debtor. This ongoing feud within the Nigerian music industry has attracted attention from fans and the media alike.

The controversy began when Dammy Krane took to social media to announce his intentions of dropping a diss track directed at Davido, alleging that the music star owed him money. Specifically, he claimed that Davido had outstanding debts related to a collaborative song they had worked on.

Despite Dammy Krane's persistent claims, Davido has strongly refuted these allegations. The situation escalated when Peruzzi, another notable figure in the Nigerian music scene, decided to voice his opinions on the matter.

Peruzzi, in a Twitter post, shared his thoughts on Dammy Krane's diss track plans. He criticized the track, deeming it unimpressive and unoriginal, suggesting that instead of targeting Davido, Dammy Krane should focus on singing about the challenges in his own life.

In a quoted tweet, Peruzzi expressed his sentiments with the words: "This One No Sweet. Na 'My Life Jaga Jaga' You Suppose Do. Olodo."

The use of "My Life Jaga Jaga" in his statement is a reference to the popular song "Jaga Jaga" by Eedris Abdulkareem, which was known for its critical take on societal issues. Peruzzi's response adds another layer of drama to the ongoing saga, as the music industry in Nigeria continues to witness such public disputes and controversies.

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