P0rtable Na Fast Shooter oh: Moment Portable’s new wife Ashabi Simple flaunts heavy baby bump 4months after welcoming a boy

In the world of Nigerian entertainment, one name that has been making headlines lately is Ashabi Simple, a talented singer and actress. Her recent video post on her son's Instagram account has ignited a frenzy of reactions across the internet. The reason? Ashabi Simple was proudly flaunting her noticeable baby bump, sparking speculation and excitement among her followers.

To provide some context, it was just four months ago, on June 6, 2023, when Intel Region reported the joyous news that Ashabi Simple, known for her work in the Yoruba film industry, had given birth to her fifth child. She is the fourth child and second wife of the popular music sensation, 'Zazoo Zeh' hitmaker Portable. However, what has truly taken social media by storm is the revelation of her pregnancy so soon after welcoming her last child.

In the video, which garnered a lot of attention and comments, Portable, in his characteristically jovial manner, announced in Yoruba that Ashabi Simple is now his wife. He playfully said, "They should help me record it; the hard girl has turned to a housewife now." This candid declaration from the musician added an extra layer of intrigue to the situation.

Ashabi Simple herself joined the conversation with a thought-provoking question: "How old was your first baby when you had the second one???" This inquiry opened up discussions about family planning and the unique circumstances of each household.

As news of Ashabi Simple's pregnancy circulated, reactions from her followers poured in. Some expressed surprise and curiosity, with one user humorously asking, "Wait oo You don get belle? No hard feelings 😂 safe delivery 👏👏👏." The internet has a way of offering unsolicited opinions, and this case was no exception.

Another user, Omo Jaiye Jaiye, chimed in, noting the rapid succession of pregnancies, saying, "Just 4 months and you are already expecting another baby, Some kind women sef… only one sef na handful." Such comments reflect the diversity of perspectives on family planning and childbearing.

James Musa, who seemed impressed by Portable's prowess as a father, commented, "PORTABLE NO THE PLAY WITH……?? SHARPSHORTER." This remark highlighted the musician's growing family.

While some comments were lighthearted and humorous, others praised Ashabi Simple and Portable's journey as a celebrity couple. One user, preet_temmy77, noted, "This one don get pregnant again wahala wa ooo 😂." It's clear that celebrity pregnancies often capture the public's attention and generate discussions.

In the world of entertainment, celebrity relationships and family dynamics are always intriguing topics of discussion. Adebowale Adebosipo Saidat pointed out that celebrity life can be especially appealing when there's wealth involved, saying, "celebrity prink dey sweet now most especially wen dere is money aje."

However, it's essential to remember that the world of social media can be unforgiving at times. Adejorinadijat reminded everyone to be considerate and respectful, saying, "Some people have prob 😮😮 they can’t mind their business, always mocking her. What is lt?"

In conclusion, Ashabi Simple's pregnancy announcement has not only stirred up excitement but has also opened up discussions on family planning, celebrity life, and the unique dynamics of the entertainment world. As the public eagerly follows her journey, it's a reminder that the world of entertainment is always full of surprises and captivating stories. Stay connected for more updates on this evolving narrative in the vibrant Nigerian entertainment scene.

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