“Go And Sell Your Body, You Are Already Corrupt” – A Nigerian Father Slams Teenage Daughter For Requesting For An iPhone 8 As Birthday Gift (Video)

In a video that has sparked quite a debate, a teenage girl faced a stern rebuke from her parents, who are pastors, after she expressed a desire for an iPhone 8 as her birthday gift. The incident took a dramatic turn as her father passionately criticized her choice of an iPhone, emphasizing that her immediate priority should be securing admission to a university.

The father's anger was palpable as he condemned his daughter's request, questioning her sense of priorities. He sternly reminded her that their responsibility was to ensure she obtained admission to a university, not to indulge in material desires like an iPhone.

The mother joined in the rebuke, echoing the father's sentiments and lamenting that their daughter seemed to lack the ability to think rationally and make sound decisions.

The father's emotional outburst included a statement that drew particular attention: "There is nothing in this life that pointed to the fact that my future is secured in your hand. Go and sell your body to buy an iPhone; that's what your mates are doing."

He went on to emphasize that even those fortunate enough to secure admission to study medicine did not prioritize an iPhone over their education. He contrasted this with his daughter, who had not gained admission to study Yoruba, suggesting that those who received admission opportunities on a silver platter were focused on their futures and not material possessions.

The father's passionate speech underscores the importance of education and priorities in the eyes of many parents, particularly in a society where academic success is highly valued. The video has sparked discussions about the pressures and expectations placed on young people and the choices they make in a world increasingly influenced by material desires.

This incident serves as a reminder of the generational gap in values and aspirations, with parents often emphasizing the pursuit of education and a secure future, while younger generations may prioritize immediate gratification and material possessions. It also highlights the challenges parents face in guiding their children towards responsible decision-making in a rapidly changing world.

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